Why, hello there, it is I, the unreliable narrator, still here to bother you.

You are about to arrive at the next scene, but before that you need to know a few things.

Thing #1. The most holy, sacred principle of visual storytelling - "show, don't tell" - is about to be broken yet again. And again. Basically I'm done with it. I mean, what an outrageous concept: having lots of text to read in a book, right? This isn't like one of your mangas or comic books with rare text bubbles here and there. This is a book with moving pictures in it. Not that I have anything against mangas or comic books, we're just in a different format here.

Thing #2. There will be even more bullshit brainstorming from now on, because there are a lot of ideas and theories which need to be talked about. There are whole arcs that start with "what if" and end three months later with "oops, guess we were wrong!"

Thing #3. You and I unceremoniously walked into the story and completely missed some of the bullshit brainstorming from before, so I will have to fill you in on some details, because they will not be explained by ANYONE. (At least, not for a very long time). And we don't want to leave you in the dark, do we? Not you. Not in the dark.

Thing #4. Nobody knows who Matt is.

You probably have heard about him. If you haven't skipped anything, you've already seen him on here. Maybe you've even read Dogtown. Maybe you've met him. Who knows. We met him in 2015 and back in the day it was assumed that he was Travis's missing brother who had disappeared many years before that. It was strange but he kind of looked like him. He arrived from the Cube where he worked as a clone collector and for some reason focused on finding Tyler's clones. So there was a gap in time between disappearance and Matt's arrival, and even worse - he couldn't remember shit.

But then small inconsistencies kept happening, and the thing that finally raised everybody's eyebrows was when Travis's father categorically proclaimed that Matt wasn't his son. So, everyone realized that he couldn't have been The Matthew. He probably was A Matthew. And then shortly before the events we're in the middle of right now, Matt claimed that he was Tyler himself and wanted to change his name to "maybe Martin. Or Robert." And I wish he hadn't done that because this only complicated the possible explanations as to who the hell he was.

Now that I've walked you through this, let's dive into the conversation with Bella.

I sleep enchanted by the anteaters from space.