Bella: William and Martin. Hmm..
AJ: I feel like there's some sort of continuity between them. Trav didn't use his other name until he was much older, so Matt could be like little brother with the same name, if Matt is actually one of those Martins. Or it could be that he later picked a name that was somehow connected to whoever his brother was a fan of. But the instrument this guy played is different from what Trav plays. So, it would be a little bit weird for him to borrow that name for himself.
Bella: Didn't the first Matt disappear shortly after you people found the house?
AJ: Yes. But it always sounded weird to me. Matt found the house, Black bought and rebuilt it later, and everyone lived in there for a while. He was around when the house started travelling.
Bella: Perhaps, he started losing his memory back then after he found the void..
AJ: Something happened. But it didn't destroy him right on the spot. I have completely forgotten about this guy.
Bella: the musician?
AJ: yes, him and Amy's friends.
Bella: And then so many years later you know who appears out of nowhere using the name Matthew again.
AJ: Yep. And what's worse... *sigh*
Bella: Oh god what else?
AJ: Pretty sure Tyler had always been a separate person.
Bella: ...
AJ: Listen, we've all had childhoods. We all were different people, separate from each other. Even now, I may have two sets of memories from that time, but they FEEL like memories of separate people.
AJ: I know what D was like, I remember him from back then. And that Matt died. This Matt we have now doesn't seem like either that Matt or D, despite what he says. He must be a.. Uh..
Bella: A clone.. But how?
AJ: Programming error? Picked a wrong core? Lost his own core? Core was bugged and appeared blank\dead, he thought it was reusable, ended up being multiple people instead? I don't know..
Bella: ...
Bella: So Black was right, this one isn't his son. Makes sense why he said that. He was probably terrified and panicking more than hating when he saw someone who looks so much like his... Oh god...
AJ: What?
Bella: What happened to Tyler?!
AJ: wow, you're realizing that just now?
Bella: No, but for real. I thought he was jumping between bodies, so he was kind of safe in my mind. If Matt is a merge between the two, then D's ok and your theory is right, but if Matt is a separate copy (which could be the case with anything made on the Cube, let's be honest), then D's... gone... :(
AJ: Hmm... He's a sneaky son of a bastard. Lost a body, that's for sure. What do you think Miller was for? Literally a backup. Why do you think Matt had been chasing after Millers? To copy data.
Bella: He wasn't destroying them... He was adopting their data..
AJ: Well, that's my theory as well. He made a shell, modelled after someone else, left some basics in it, and in order to avoid core corruption been reuploading himself step by step.
Bella: he copied two sets of data into one thing and survived somehow. It's almost like an actual child of two different people, he resembles both of them, he is both of them at the same time, and yet he isn't really any of them.
Bella: >:-( And what about Finn?
AJ: *sigh* I don't know. But singularity is definitely one of his tricks.
Bella: Finn appeared before D went away in... What year was that, 2013? Where is he now?
AJ: Sneaking about.
Bella: does he appear as..
AJ: I can't say that.. Sorry..
Bella: okay. You know that I won't be able to find proof for any of this?
AJ: Well, I brought you this info so that maybe it'll help you patch up a few holes.
Bella: are you kidding me? What would really help me is if you people STOP BREAKING EVERYTHING. History. Time. We can't live a single year without some major catastrophe chipping off large chunks of memories.
AJ: that's just a way of life. Accept it for what it is and swim the tide.
Bella: yeah, into COMPLETE CHAOS.
AJ: oh come on, some things just get destroyed with time. Anyway, stop, please? He's been talking about this, and now I'm slowly finding proof. I promised I was going to give something back, and I'm really trying, okay?
Bella: ..*nod* okay. Maybe we'll put things back in order.
AJ: Yes, give this a chance.
Bella: I don't trust chances. I trust hard work.
AJ: Wellp.. "Except sometimes I see good potential in".. Uhh she won't like that, "potential" is there with "chances" .... Uh.. "I can agree with th".. No, I can't...
AJ: ..Let's make hard work happen?