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AJOh, you eavesdropped on our convo with Bella... Still angry true neutral, okay?
MattPhew.. good.. So you're just documenting things then?
MattDid she give you a role? You didn't tell me.
AJI wasn't really sure what she had promoted me to.
MattHow can you be not sure? What's the rank?
AJI'm a goddamn journalist now.
AJI thought I was going to be a guide!
MattYou know, I just realized I have no idea what History's ranks are. Bella obviously is a Doctor, but does she even call her rank that?
AJShe does. Every top rank is a Doctor. Didn't we have some dimension where a Doctor wasn't the boss?
MattEr.. Yes. The Green. And the Dreaming.
AJHuh. Oh, right. Damn, how could I forget.
AJAnyway, I need to see Finn.
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