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AJ: Finn... Welp, this is noir alright. class="normal">AJ:::Finn... Welp, this is noir alright.
AJ: Cunt.[i] class="normal"> AJ:::Cunt.[i]
[i] Whoooo, boy here we go. You may ask, why so rude? It's one of those things that has started before these events, so you have no idea, but I, well, I know. So, I guess, I'll have to explain it! Jesus christ, we're on page 139 and I still have to explain things that have happened earlier?! We need a prequel. And a "between the books" story.

Anyway, Finn's been calling Carl a "count", as in "count Dracula", based on how he is an (ex-)vampire and all but:
1. Carl is allergic to royalty and titles, therefore in an attempt to get even he just calls Finn the c word because that's what "count" is to him and it sounds similar. And fair. However, both are perfectly aware that this is nothing but friendly mockery. Hmm.. "friendly mockery", is that even a thing? It is now.

And 2. "Count" starts with a C, just as "Carl". You may also ask why is Carl named everywhere as AJ? And I may reply that he has many names, and the backstory of the Carl name is so long, it could be its own book. Basically, whoever got used to calling him whatever just calls him that way.

3. This oddly rude exchange has also become a way to verify each other's identities in this world where whoever can look like anybody. It's a weird thing that they do. Same way as we know that Knives is Knives if he shows up and immediately stabs somebody. Perhaps, this requires a deeper look into relationship dynamics in the Mirrorlands. In this essay I will лАЛѕЛЄЛЈ Лѓл║ЛЈЛѕ Лї л┐лхл┐лхЛђ Лѓл║ЛЈЛѕ Лї л┐лхл┐лхл╗
╔│}л@r┤л│@b@ufufk@r┤л│@b@ufufK Whew! Yeah, I know, whatever. Why did you even need to know this? I am a pointless trivia footnote. Deal with it.

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Two mountains were melancholicaly drinking tea at the edge of the world.