June 28th, 2019
AJ: so, what would you like to say about that?
Finn: fellas, is it gay to hug?
AJ: [dies with laughter]
AJ: I thought you'd provide some insight, not a silly joke :D
Finn: what can I say.. I don't remember it like that. Why is your memory so fucking weird?!
AJ: it's not weird!
Finn: then why is it all blinking and fragmenting? Like, we've just talked about you losing consciousness and a couple of minutes later you black out.
AJ: I didn't black out though, did I?
Finn: no, you didn't. you ran out.
AJ: well, that's 'cause I had the mind's eye on me. It was hard to concentrate with that thing on, not to mention I had JUST started figuring out how to control it. And you.. You.. Went ahead and did what you did.
Finn: what did I do? Give you a hug?!
AJ: after the hug.
Finn: oh. OH. Well then, nothing bad happened here, problem solved. Why did you freak out then?
AJ: it's funny how it took me nearly a year since then to actually learn how to record things like that AND be comfortable with it.
Finn: "things".. Why are we not saying what it was? It was a tiny little "thing".
AJ: we will say, but not here. And they'll have to read about it when they get to this moment.
Finn: which makes no sense, because the "thing" has already happened! But okay. Tell me then what was the deal with all the "dark dark dark". Like.. What?
AJ: I was navigating between the.. uh.. three of you based on the kind of energy each of you had. And I was looking for Tyler but you had extremely-not-Tyler energy at that moment.
Finn: ohhh, you with your power of FeELiNgS. What kind of energy do I have now?
AJ: well, THAT would be a spoiler.
Angels don't bargain