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June 28th, 2019
AJso, what would you like to say about that?
Finnfellas, is it gay to hug?
AJ[dies with laughter]
AJI thought you'd provide some insight, not a silly joke :D
Finnwhat can I say.. I don't remember it like that. Why is your memory so fucking weird?!
AJit's not weird!
Finnthen why is it all blinking and fragmenting? Like, we've just talked about you losing consciousness and a couple of minutes later you black out.
AJI didn't black out though, did I?
Finnno, you didn't. you ran out.
AJwell, that's 'cause I had the mind's eye on me. It was hard to concentrate with that thing on, not to mention I had JUST started figuring out how to control it. And you.. You.. Went ahead and did what you did.
Finnwhat did I do? Give you a hug?!
AJafter the hug.
Finnoh. OH. Well then, nothing bad happened here, problem solved. Why did you freak out then?
AJit's funny how it took me nearly a year since then to actually learn how to record things like that AND be comfortable with it.
Finn"things".. Why are we not saying what it was? It was a tiny little "thing".
AJwe will say, but not here. And they'll have to read about it when they get to this moment.
Finnwhich makes no sense, because the "thing" has already happened! But okay. Tell me then what was the deal with all the "dark dark dark". Like.. What?
AJI was navigating between the.. uh.. three of you based on the kind of energy each of you had. And I was looking for Tyler but you had extremely-not-Tyler energy at that moment.
Finnohhh, you with your power of FeELiNgS. What kind of energy do I have now?
AJwell, THAT would be a spoiler.
No one will notice the substitute