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AJI don't want to be that guy, but I told you so! Just kidding. I know that D takes some inspiration from him sometimes, so..
Bellaokay, perhaps now I see the reason to do this..
AJtrust me, after awhile you'll get tired of being surprised. I know I have. I just constantly find these little things, which make one big mess of connections and no clear picture.
Bellao_o but if those little things are facts, how do you discover them even before they're known?
AJeh, I don't know. Maybe the probability hole has actually spat me out into this world and thus I've been born with the connection to all this knowledge.
Bellajesus christ. So what about this Robert guy? Matt's been calling himself Robert for awhile, and..?
AJit started when he called his Godville hero that. Robert the Time Thief. He literally wanted to make fun of D and picked THAT name. But then something clicked in his head, and he went "Oh, that's literally me, I am that."
AJAnyway, I checked out what the other Robert is doing. There's a bunch of stuff, concerts, pictures. Lots of events. I got really tired of it after awhile because you know… it's like..
No one will notice the substitute