Bella: so, IT IS LEAKING.
AJ: I don't want to be that guy, but I told you so! Just kidding. I know that D takes some inspiration from him sometimes, so..
Bella: okay, perhaps now I see the reason to do this..
AJ: trust me, after awhile you'll get tired of being surprised. I know I have. I just constantly find these little things, which make one big mess of connections and no clear picture.
Bella: o_o but if those little things are facts, how do you discover them even before they're known?
AJ: eh, I don't know. Maybe the probability hole has actually spat me out into this world and thus I've been born with the connection to all this knowledge.
Bella: jesus christ. So what about this Robert guy? Matt's been calling himself Robert for awhile, and..?
AJ: it started when he called his Godville hero that. Robert the Time Thief. He literally wanted to make fun of D and picked THAT name. But then something clicked in his head, and he went "Oh, that's literally me, I am that."
Bella: hmph...
AJ: Anyway, I checked out what the other Robert is doing. There's a bunch of stuff, concerts, pictures. Lots of events. I got really tired of it after awhile because you know… it's like..
I sleep enchanted by the anteaters from space.