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AJbut even if I could, there's this annoying feeling that not only am I staring at the wrong person, but also at the past. like this one is perfectly fine being himself and being real out there, but he's not the right person. More like, an inspiration that made an impact some time ago, and now is just passively respected. He's a good man and everything, but...
BellaI got the same feeling from looking at Devlin's clones. They're all kind of good people, while he's..
AJ*nods* HE is a fantastic bastard. and we have just denied him the option of growing as a person and being good and kind.
Bella!! What if he's not at all like those real people OR his past selves anymore?
AJThat's what I'm trying to say. But I guess it's unrealistic to be a good judge of character when that character is removed from you as far as possible.
Bellaoutdated images. But that's how memory works, you know. You hold expectations based on what you remember and what you think those memories mean.
AJI know another.. Thing. I'm not sure if I can say this aloud.
Bellafact or speculation?
AJmore like a trend. And one I think he tries to keep related only to whom or what has an immediate connection to himself. As in, it was in his clones, it's in things more recent and things which make the impression of being the closest to his character. Could be a red herring, too.
Bellaok, so let's call it a piece of unproven information.
AJI call that a theory. he doesn't have an eye. Or there is something wrong with his right eye.
BellaHmm, Miller mark two didn't have an eye.
AJa guy with one eye knocked on my door not so long ago, and matt recently tried to poke his own eye out. The only reason he still has it is...
a samurai with a gun is like a samurai without a gun but with a gun