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BellaYES, I REMEMBER, thankyouverymuch.[i]
AJI wonder if rolling back those events has somehow undid.. undone.. that connection?
Bellamaybe next time you should let things happen.. no matter how gross they can be :/
AJlook, I was scared for him. Besides, if he's only copying D, then I did the right thing.
AJso, whoever shows up with one eye, or one eye somewhat damaged, I'll know.
^ She had to put it back. There was blood. Be a History Doctor, they said. It's a dusty desk job, they said. No one said she'd need to roll up her sleeves and fix people's injuries too. Anyway, I don't know why I'm so dramatic about this. Bella likes being a Doctor of Medicine? What she didn't like was that we rolled it all back.
Never trust the thumbnail.