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Big Guyyep, here comes a revelation.
AJyou guys know, an artist should stay hungry, right?
Madamwell, that's what they say.
AJI know for a fact that I'm in a better state of mind now, because
AJI haven't been feeling depressed lately,
AJI've been fed well thanks mom
AJI haven't broken my sleep schedule, and forced myself to get up in the mornings, which does make me feel weird but doesn't make me light deprived. Also, it's summer and 30 degrees outside.
AJToo warm, too comfy, too relaxed. I guess, that why I can't find him.
Madamum, do you need to be depressed to find him?
AJyou know, I used to think that Tyler was my depression or something. But he's not my depression. He himself is lowkey depressed all the time. Depression is where we meet.
Big Guydamn, I can't recommend that kind of friendship to anyone.
a samurai with a gun is like a samurai without a gun but with a gun