AJ: ...that's so.. Ten years ago. either she's just weirdly wrong, or SHE HAS BEEN WRONG FOR A VERY LONG TIME.
AJ: ..anyway..what's the news from the green?
Mary: Some new witches have appeared. You'd think everyone had been rescued and we were up to here in witches all this time, but nooo, there's more.
AJ: What do they want?
Mary: I don't know. I haven't been paying attention. They're kind of not my thing.
AJ: Myeah, ok, I'll go check on them then..
AJ: Right, well... How have you been?
Mary: oh now you ask.. Super busy but fine.
AJ: lmao, she doesn't like this conversation... whyy??
Mary: Travis has disappeared again though.
Never trust the thumbnail.