but if you keep behaving like asses I'll throw you out of the Green!!!
Bold words, but the issue may be too big for me to handle by myself. Facing against them alone leaves you with scars. They turn your own words against you. They state their opinions loudly and assertively enough to masquerade as the 'voice of reason", and thus greatly benefit from the apathy and ignorance of other people.

I mean, how could you stay indifferent when they speak of such great horrors and injustice inflicted upon them by.. I don't know, everybody? It takes some time and observation to notice that the things they deem just can fit only an extremely narrow definition.. which changes all the time.. and contradicts itself within the same sentence. You know, the kind of mob who also claims to be the most rational and in possession of all the facts and logic? Leave all hope, ye who enters a verbal battle with them.

And so I run. For now. Deeper into the Green.