AJ: It's like we're back in 2010.
Amy: feels that way.
AJ: Illusory. This Amy is not the Amy we used to know. She'll be back on her dark bullshit in no time. Perhaps the right memory could tickle her old sense of self and wake her up a little, but it's not going to last, sadly.
AJ: Remember how back then there was only the Green and the Dreaming, and just a little bit of Hell. We haven't discovered the Golden City and History yet. There was no Cube. Just this place.
Amy: everything was Green.
AJ: yeah. I barely left Hell, and you were wearing your top hat, bossing everyone around here literally in the middle of the Alice-o-pocalypse. Remember how after that we wanted to become "a duo of cold-blooded killers", of course we weren't going to do anything bad, but it was an excuse to wear matching suits and bowler hats, HA.


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