Let go of control issues, Capricorn. Plain and simple. Pluto is in your sign and will oppose this eclipse point, making certain that you learn this lesson one way or another. As long as you choose to take the highest road possible and avoid doing anything underhanded in order to ensure that your personal needs are met, then you are initiating what could be a very solid and mutually empowering relationship. In terms of business, you and this person could be unstoppable! But remember, you need to check yourself. This is not the month to allow yourself to be seduced by any unsavory motivations. This is not the month to be an opportunist. That will backfire in your face. This IS the month to nurture the potential you have with someone else and lay the foundation for something that can truly stand the test of time.

AJ: I mean, hasn't it been like that for a while already? Also, "Let go of control issues"? Gooootcha...
AJ: what else?
Two mountains were melancholicaly drinking tea at the edge of the world.