You blink a few times and close the book. These things were not created for reading and it's RIDICULOUS. How can you make a book that is not meant to be read? Books, they are made of paper and ink, you know? And what's this? A heretical artefact, that’s what it is. This is why we can't have nice things. You create something like that and the next thing you know - the whole world descends into chaos.

You think about the usual things sold at the market. Those are fun things, creative things, things made by the people who wanted to express themselves and poured their soul into their creations. It's folk art and you would fight anybody who called it "heretical" (which is mostly only those higher-class snobs who can spend money on a portrait of a badly painted banana and call that art).

And this.. This.. You realize, you actually don't know who made it. The story looks like a journal. Could it be real? Could all of this be a story of somebody else's life? Wait, where do "gods" come into play?

Ah, feck, you know full well what you are going to do now.

No one will notice the substitute