Bella: WELL?!
AJ: Well, I found a few cool girly k-pop bands, wrote in caps all week, there was that incident when I couldn't fall asleep in my own bed because it was occupied by another family member..
Bella: ???
AJ: ...I also shouted in caps about how I'm probably the only aj crowley any of my friends will ever meet
Bella: you're not THAT one and you stole the name
AJ: excuse me, not "stole" but "paid homage". And then..
Ah, remember that? Paid homage, of course. Looked up to. Thought highly of. Respected. Idealised. Vibed with. Kinned. You've been doing this for years.
"Look at me, I am a thing of Hell, your continuous negative ratings of my actions have defined me as such. Thus I will wear it as a badge of honor, all the while trying to prove that I am not a bad guy actually, just like that fictional character".
How many seasons will pass before you realise how contradictory this was, and, despite everything, still self-diminishing. And people will continue calling you at least two other different names. Which is totally your fault, by the way.
AJ: oh yeah
Bella: ????
Everything is forever until it is no more