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ShannonAJ! Why are you sleeping on the roof?! In this weather..
AJAgh, Shannon, it's you. I wanted to read a little? And fell asleep..
ShannonDid I scare you? Or were you dreaming nightmatish stuff?
AJPfft, it's this dream again, where I drown in the end. Not that it scares me, but I just wish next time it wasn't so foggy. And less suffocating. Or even stopped reapeating at all.
ShannonYou could ask Travis to look into it, right?
AJRight, but first I'd need to go into dreams up to my neck :/
Hey, don't stand in the cold! Come inside the circle, it's warmer here.
ShannonWait.. What sort of magic is this?
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i have witnessed things / which i may never paint. / my tablet pen is gone. #thisisnotahaiku