25 May 2014, 23:39 366
Shannon:AJ! Why are you sleeping on the roof?! In this weather..
AJ:Agh, Shannon, it's you. I wanted to read a little? And fell asleep..
Shannon:Did I scare you? Or were you dreaming nightmatish stuff?
AJ:Pfft, it's this dream again, where I drown in the end. Not that it scares me, but I just wish next time it wasn't so foggy. And less suffocating. Or even stopped reapeating at all.
Shannon:You could ask Travis to look into it, right?
AJ:Right, but first I'd need to go into dreams up to my neck :/
Hey, don't stand in the cold! Come inside the circle, it's warmer here.
Shannon:Wait.. What sort of magic is this?