AJ: Someone is doing this. And it can't be just anybody - not so many people with proper access.
Finn: That's what I thought as well. But they're writing down the present, and they started before it had happened. So who's as privileged as that?
AJ: You know who I think it is, right. And we don't know where he is or who he might be these days. Honestly, I could suspect everyone. Anyone could be Tyler. Could be you, could be Shannon, could be someone else.
Finn: So that's what the dream is about. There. You trust no one.
AJ: Yes, sort of.. Look, we must start working on the memories book. I need to be 100% sure you will help. No following anybody's orders, no changing the history. Just take what's in the book and write it down.
Finn: Actually, you're the one who delays the thing all the time. You haven't forgotten that Shannon and I, we're not just hanging around here because we've nothing else to do in our lives. Well, in truth, we haven't, but we've been actually waiting for you to give us some material, you know? How are we going to write the thing, if you can't find the time to unlock it?
AJ: I'm just going to give my heart to you two.
Finn: WHAT.
AJ: Yes, I'll disconnect it, give it to Shannon, and from then she'll be able to see into the book easily. I've been thinking about this for a long time. The truth is, I need to do something else. You two can handle the book. But I need to be sure you will help. Do we have a deal?
Finn: Don't want to be responsible for your heart again..
AJ: You don't have to be. Just leave it to Shannon. She'll handle it very well. And you just take care of her. DO WE HAVE A DEAL, FINN?
this comic has multiple pages and animation. if not this one then the next one definitely.