19 Sep 2018, 21:47 473
AJPlot is not important. I wanted to talk about some very specific things!!!
AJThe library? The cores? A world without worry? Printing humans? This is the proof that our stuff is leaking into the real world.
DanWell, to be honest the idea that all human memories can be envisioned as a library is probably not that revolutionary, or unique, and has existed for awhile.
BellaAaand, their vision is messy. No, it's a nightmare.
BellaAll the books unsorted in one place?! And anyone on the inside can access them? One book per person? Unbelievable.
AJThat's exactly what I wanted to talk about. It's an idea about what this system may have been before. It's kind of like what we had imagined the library was when we only had the access to the Green.
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Two mountains were melancholicaly drinking tea at the edge of the world.