25 Sep 2018, 18:48 212
Dan:Oh, wait.. That's the same thing as the house's library then..
AJ:YES. We still don't know how much stuff is stored in there and what kind of stuff it is.
Lee:It held Miller in his entirety at some point.
AJ:Yep, and assorted memories from all of us.
Bella:There were lots of blanks though… I still haven't found any links to it from the main archive.. Anyway, how they pictured it on the tv show, it seems that their archives have collected tons of data from many people. It actually reminds me more of the Cube's archives that anything we have around here.
AJ:Which brings us to the next thing..
Dan:The cores.
Dan:Their pearls are the same thing as our cores. Well, they seem to be everything in one. I'm not sure if that's more efficient though.
AJ:I know what you mean. But that's from our point of view. We consider person's character separable from their memories and abilities, but from the show's POV all of these things are probably tightly locked together and influence each other, hence the single core.
Bella:You can separate any one of those cores from people though.. Anyone divorced from their memories is still the same personality-wise.