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AJAnyway, clones. AFAIK, the Cube's issue was that clones were not given all the cores, therefore many of them disintegrated after awhile. As I see it, Westworld's clones were given pre-filled memory core… I mean, their core has already contained memories. They carried that baggage while trying to discover themselves. So, they sort of "knew" how they were instead of who they were. But they should've been discovering themselves through experience of building new memories, not through recovering old memories and figuring out who they are. No fucking wonder they're all so fucked up.
BellaPersonality core makes one live through stuff and tells you how to view the memories, not the other way around.
AJABSOLUTELY. It goes from the green to the orange. The opposite way only breeds sickness. Insert anything into anybody's memory that doesn't work well with their personality, tell them to accept that, and they'll go mental over time.
DanI don't get how any of this is about the clones.
AJOh, right. So, think about this. Every "incomplete" clone had something we called clone sickness. But everyone who was a perfect clone... JUST THINK ABOUT THIS GUYYSSS, we've never discussed this!
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