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You decide you should just keep on reading. You think about the state of your bladder and it isn't calling for any urgent action, so you should be good for quite awhile.

But before you press the next button you stop to think about something else. This image. You see yourself. Huh, guess you are astral projecting, albeit with the help of the machine. You can't focus on anything else though, not to mention try and get your eyes back.

Maybe that's why there is no back button. If it's not a part of the story, why would it be there. The more you stare at your own image the more your head hurts. Oh well, let's keep on reading then.

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📆 Jan 8, 2019
✨ sfx tests
👁️ Some video effects tests for a .

📆 Jan 7, 2019
✨ art bits (updated)
👁️ A story about how I took a not-so-old piece of art and dramatically improved it, which also lead to updating old pages in a .

📆 Jan 1, 2019
✨ Happy new year!
👁️ Art updates

📆 Dec 31, 2018
✨ Untitled comic - Untitled page (Untitled Album, 2018)
👁️ A page from my ongoing . I made and shared this one way ahead of time. It's a bit incomplete but there's a reeason for that.

📆 Dec 29, 2018
✨ More tests with PaintsChainer + Clip Studio Paint
👁️ Drawing pics from scratch for tests.

📆 Dec 22, 2018
✨ AI colorization and sneak peeks
👁️ This post is about AI colorization tests in Clip Studio Paint and PaintsChainer on Pixiv, and some sneak peeks from a .