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"I read it and still don’t understand". - Crisis (on twitter)

"still don't know what tf is going on [...]" - Eva (on Disqus)

"it reminds me of HomeStuck". - BobbyJoeX (on Discord)

"[...] #tho i still have no idea what thefuck is going on #my plan is to read the updates till immstarting to understand *something* and them reread the whole thing #then maybe ill understamd Several Things #love me some giffed art". - kvinnfolk (on tumblr)

"я прочитал апдейт и у меня родилась мысль что я наверное ни на одной странице ддб за все время вообще не понимаю о чем персонажи говорят лол" - 0451 (on Discord)

It is a webcomic, but also an anime, but also an illustrated book, and maybe even a play - all in one title. Everything is canon. Fourth wall not included. Story is intended for mature audiences, contains language.

In the story so far: dreams, memories, clones, identity issues, Hell, timetravel. What to expect next: witches, skeletons, magic, necromancy, relationship issues, Jesus, history wipes, 300% increase in gayness, and sooo much bullshit from Tyler xD

This is a very long story which has barely started and takes a long time to tell and draw, and the script keeps growing in geometric progression. By the end it will be a lot longer than Homestuck, you've been warned :) (It actually doesn't take long to read it, so don't pretend like I made you read Ulysses 10 times).

If you'd like to subscribe to updates there's an RSS feed or you can follow me on social media, the story is also hosted on Tapas where it's almost the same as on here and updates as often as the website. And if you enjoy reading, support me on Ko-Fi, I'd appreciate some help with webhosting fees and will draw more and faster in return :)

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