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"I read it and still don’t understand". - Crisis (on twitter)

"still don't know what tf is going on [...]" - Eva (on Disqus)

"it reminds me of HomeStuck". - BobbyJoeX (on Discord)

"[...] #tho i still have no idea what thefuck is going on #my plan is to read the updates till immstarting to understand *something* and them reread the whole thing #then maybe ill understamd Several Things #love me some giffed art". - kvinnfolk (on tumblr)

"я прочитал апдейт и у меня родилась мысль что я наверное ни на одной странице ддб за все время вообще не понимаю о чем персонажи говорят лол" - 0451 (on Discord)

You look at the webcomic's description and read it. It tells you that you're reading it but doesn't say anything about the comic. You become a little self-conscious. Blink.

DRAMA, COMEDY AND UNEXPECTED BULLSHIT. Everything is canon. Fourth wall not included. Story is intended for mature audiences, contains language.

In the story so far: dreams, memories, clones, identity issues, Hell, timetravel. What to expect next: witches, skeletons, magic, necromancy, relationship issues, Jesus, history wipes, 300% increase in gayness, and sooo much bullshit from Tyler xD

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