You look at the webcomic's description and read it. It tells you that you're reading it but doesn't say anything about the comic. You become a little self-conscious. Blink.

DRAMA, COMEDY AND UNEXPECTED BULLSHIT. We have timetravel, dream mechanics, parallel worlds, witches and a spaceship, clones, Hell. For some reason the comic is animated and unbelievably long. Fourth wall not included.
Story is intended for mature audiences, contains language and themes of trauma.

"I read it and still don’t understand". - Crisis (on twitter)

"still don't know what tf is going on [...]" - Eva (on Disqus)

"it reminds me of HomeStuck". - BobbyJoeX (on Discord)

"[...] #tho i still have no idea what thefuck is going on #my plan is to read the updates till immstarting to understand *something* and them reread the whole thing #then maybe ill understamd Several Things #love me some giffed art". - kvinnfolk (on tumblr)

"i read the update and i realized that maybe not on a single page of ddb all this time i didn't understand what the characters were talking about lol" - 0451 (on Discord)


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