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This comic was an entry for Tapas Pride Month comic contest 2021. There was a restriction on the length of entries which is why it is a little crowded.

It didn't make it to the final selection of 30 episodes (which then are rated by readers, and top 3 will win). I don't know why it didn't make it. One of the rules was that entries would be selected based on how creatively they're told, and not based on the story itself. There was also a prompt, but never mind that, in the final selection some comics had no plot whatsoever. You can tell me in the comments what you think about the way I told this story.

Now, about the story itself. For me this wasn't about literally throwing away the TV. Our state media - be it on the TV, on the internet, in newspapers, on the radio - likes to tell white lies and twist the truth. In addition to that, there are famous media people who under the guise of debate like to create and spread rumours, fake news, and so on. They are the main reason why since when the infamous "anti-gay" bill was passed we saw such an increase in hate towards LGBT+ people. Because it's always the gays, the Americans, the decaying Europe, and not our government or ourselves who ruin our lives.

Shit, this is getting long.

Anyway, I have no idea what it's like or would be like to be at a Pride celebration, so I couldn't follow the prompt the way Tapas would've approved and draw tons of glitter and sweet sweet gay content. To me Pride this year is in not giving in to those untruths and caring less about them. Last year I threw away my rainbow flag because I was afraid of many things in light of our government nearly commiting a hungary and banning transition. This year I have no flag, only a bunch of colourful socks, but I have decided I will buy a new flag, the one with trans and POC stripes (there's no issue with BLM in Russia, but nationalism is in bloom - just read about how people bullied Manizha who represented Russia in Eurovision).

Pride as a protest walked so that pride as a celebration could run. Russia, Hungary, Poland currently can only crawl.

P.S The typewriter text has no relation to the typewriter text from DDB x) It's just.. you know, such a good font, such a great contrast!

upd 30.06.21. I'm uploading the Russian version, and since the time I made this comic I got a couple of thoughts I wanted to share.

The first one is something I should've mentioned earlier: the text on those little heaps of soil is taken from the comments to a last year's comic from another Russian author, which took the third place in this same contest. This year, when the contest was announced, they showed 1st and 2nd place winners as examples, but completely left out the 3rd winner. Well, that's because it was all greyish and mortifyingly sad in a very Russian way. Very not pride-y, doesn't fit the happy brand, you see. I don't want to hurt the commenters, but just because the story made them sad our life didn't improve. Best thing to do is to support authors from problematic countries with actions. That was the point of my jab towards the comments.

The second thing. Just watch this music video by a Russian band called Sansara, it is about two guys who broke up and now miss each other terribly, about keeping that inner bird in a cage. You can't be ready enough for tears. We will become better.
And another one, not really related to LGBT, but recently an old Russian rock group DDT has released a music video in which people are burying a TV. And it is so very modern-day-Russia, also mortifyingly sad, but not hopeless, and creatively resonates with ideas in my head. Watch it here.

Your hands smell of a cedar apple's nails.