Here be the amazing collection of all official links, always updated and kept relevant.

πŸ“š Comics and stories

Here's a list of where you can read my works:

  • Right here, on dream dee bee dot com! - Just go to the main page and pick any book. Alternatively, I publish some reformatted comics on the platforms mentioned below.
  • Tapas - great community on this website, they have an app for reading comics too.
  • MangaLib (rus) - Russian manga and comics website, since June 2021 started uploading Habits and "Dogtown, etc" on here.
  • Acomics (rus) - Russian comics website. A little inconvenient how it's only 1 image per page, but the number of readers is slowly growing :3

  • ⭐ Boosty - Tips + Subscriptions. An alternative to Patreon for Russia, etc. A really nice young platform, well tested with my subscribers. Also has a tip jar with goals.
  • DonationAlerts - For donations during live streams only.
  • 🎨 Art galleries

    Since I am building my own art gallery, I will be using these mostly for promotion once it's ready. But DA, for example, is still a great archive of my past art.

  • dreamDB art - The beginnings of my own gallery. Already has new stuff.
  • DeviantArt - my main gallery since 2007. However, due to its limitations, I don't post everything on here (see below).
  • Pixiv - who'd've thought, but my art does better on here than anywhere else.
  • ArtStreet by Medibang - rarely updated but still a thing that exists.
  • πŸ“’ Socials

    Nov. 2022: Since twitter has been overrun by nazis, I will be abandoning it. I am now most active on Tumblr, Mastodon, and Discord.

  • Discord community - JOIN THIS PLS. This is where we hang out with people who like my works. I often post sketches etc earlier than anywhere else.
  • Tumblr - Tumblr is hot again, and we're fandomposting and cringe posting on main. Follow me for... stuff.
  • Mastodon - Started this one to keep up with all the folks who left twitter. Mostly reblogs.
  • BlueSky - finally got my invite.
  • Twitter - personal account with art updates, stream notifications, random yelling into the void.
  • dreamDB twitter - Twitter for webcomic updates and art only. Follow and turn on notifications, updates are quite rare.
  • Instagram - 2022: insta is banned in Russia, but I still open it from time to time to follow people.
  • πŸ“Ί Streams and video

  • Twitch - art streams and game streams. hopefully I'll get to an affiliate soon.
  • Youtube - I post drawing processes and rare game videos here.
  • ⚠ Abandoned accounts, but still mine.

  • Patreon - 2022: Can't withdraw funds anymore. Go to my Boosty instead.
  • Ko-Fi - 2022: can't use for payments anymore, so I removed everything. Go to Boosty to tip.
  • tiktok - know. 2022: can't actually post or watch anything from Russia!
  • Redbubble - 2022: Can't withdraw funds anymore.
  • Teepublic - 2022: Can't withdraw funds anymore.
  • Artstation - I have it but I don't like it anymore >_>
  • artfol - same as artstation
  • 18+