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June-July 2018 chapter of DDB is ending soon.

03 Mar 2020, 19:52 77

Let's do a Q&A! 

You can join Discord and ask questions there, or ask them here in the comments. Ask about past/present events, ask the characters directly, or ask the author about them.

I will publish the answers as a special episode after the end of the chapter.

Not The Year Review

30 Dec 2019, 18:28 183

(see bigger version on DeviantArt and full res on Patreon)

Hey, fellow nobodies, how are your holidays going?

I decided to make a news update while I'm sitting here waiting for SuperPatronFyea winner announcement, prepared to cheer for whoever wins (pfft, me? a nobody? winning a grant? and not having to work my ass off to make art for free? wild if true.)
upd: I didn't win the grant. WELP. TOLD YA. Guess here starts my carreer as a part time twitch streamer, part time pizza delivery person. lol.

What Happened in 2019.

I made about half the amount of planned pages for dreamDB and I plan to try the 365 challenge in 2020 as well. I managed to publish at least one update every month, with March being the exception because I spent the entirety of it writing. I think I'm still figuring out how to bring the story to you more efficiently without burning out, but let's be honest, it's enormous and this year I've been doing alright.

But let's not turn this into yet another year review. WHAT'S DONE IS DONE.

What's Happening Very Soon.

The closest most important thing is.. my birthday... on the 1st of January.. Oh please, don't start with the "you're so lucky, twice the amount of gifts". First of all, everybody thinks it's ok to give only one to save their money.. or just "gift" money (and by everyone I mean, like, two family members). Second of all, I haven't gotten shit for more than a decade, EXCEPT for one gift from my good old friend who gave me a book so precious I don't think I could ever match the value of it with a gift of my own.

Third, I'm turning whole 300 years old. Yes, divisible both by 10 and 5 (and 3). It's a jubilee, folks. What am I gonna do? I think I may have a birthday stream (you know? on Twitch?).

What can you give me? Shit, idk, be like everybody else and gift money xD My Ink Goal is really really close to the amount which I could cash out, and what's the point of having money if it's in Tapas's pocket? Gift me ink.

And\or join my Patreon. It's just $1. Patreon will eat up a portion of that, but you could always pledge more, and if more people joined I could pay for webhosting without worry. TOSS A COIN TO YOUR ARTIST, O VALLEY OF-... okay, okay.

Anyway, did you not know? You can't say Happy New Year anymore. As of January 1st, 2020  it's officially "Happy AJ's birthday". I will only accept other variations if someone was also born on January 1st but earlier than 3pm in my timezone which is 9am GMT. Gosh, I'm such an owl, I wasn't bothered to even be born earlier than 3pm, lmao. (That's about the same time I've been getting up all December).

What's Happening In 2020.

A new comic? Yes, a new comic. Although, it's not really new. It's an AU of dreamDB - same characters, but presented in a completely different way in a different story. dreamDB will eventually gradually become this comic, so you're going to spend a few years wondering HOW before I actually do it x) By the time we get to that point, if you've been reading this comic you'll be like "Oh... OH!"

Now facts:
- the new story is written for mature audience. there's a co-author but I can't reveal more on that subject.
- angels and demons but neither in pop culture biblical nor anime style.
- the main genre is romance and it's vvvvvery gay, but we're also going to shoot BL in the head and do something extremely different.
- no uwu cute LGBTQAI rep, only angery tired guys, gals and pals. basically we're utilising art to shout about things.
- it will rock between silly and serious all the time.
- title? "Of Horns And Halos". OHAH for short. There. I spoiled it :D
- also:

Btw the art at the very top is a part of it. In a way. Another mild spoiler :) The story will be treated as non-canon but I fully intend to make it A Whole Experience for you. All the while continuing to work on dreamDB. We're still writing it, and it probably will end at some point. (So will dreamDB... but only over my undead body!!!)

Anyway, it will be fun to juggle all of this, my sleep disorder and starting HRT while having a day job. But whatever happens, happens. And I'm a typical stubborn capricorn, I'm gonna do this one way or another. LET'S GET SHIT DONE THIS YEAR.

Thank yous to:

The two Patrons who have supported me this year.
All the people on Tapas - both active readers and those who gifted ink during the events. Your likes and comments both make me want to do more for you, and they help put the story on trending where more people can find it.

P.s. At least this birthday the cake will not be a lie.

November stuff

30 Nov 2019, 03:40 203

Sup. This month is over and here's what happened:

Aside from being sick for a ridiculous number of days, I've had two big things to prepare: Tapas Inksgiving Special and Super Patron F Yea application.

And then done a few changes on the website:

First of all, support page has been slightly redesigned. Since more people have donated ink during the Inksgiving, I took some time and added all of the names and updated ink amounts. There's now one ink bottle per person and it will accumulate all their ink and grow bigger. I added the option to display Ko-Fi donations on the shelves as coffee cups. Also, he totally-not-evil-and-not-ominous wall of rotating eyes is now optional and can be switched on and off by poking the eye on the bottom shelf. Not gonna work on small screens though. Still can totally destroy your pc.

Second, since I have a normal android phone now, I had a chance to look at how the website works in general on mobile. So I made some changes to the menu - it should be more obvious when it's collapsed and when it can be opened. Changed the floor tiles a little since they seemed to float in the air sometimes.

Third, push notifications were glitching a bit, and I still don't know why. But they seem to be working now. If they're available, you'll see a tiny bell in the bottom right corner. So if you tried to subscribe before but got no notification, please try one more time! Also, tell me if you see no bell at all.

Fourth, the snow is real again.

Still no idea how any of this looks on Apple devices. *shrug*


I am almost 170 pages behind what I designated as my goal for this year, and I've also not made that much for DDB during November. So, let's hope I don't get sick again, and I'll try to crank out as many as I can before the year ends.

You can finally hit that bell button on dreamdb dot com

14 Nov 2019, 18:35 195

Now there's a notifications subscription button in the website menu. You can find the same button under every comic page. It's just a pop-up thingy where I moved all the buttons for Discord, Patreon, etc etc. All sources listed there are completely free and I'm clarifying that because "subscription" can mean something paid.

Also in another coding rush I connected browser push notifications - see the first button in that list. They should work in all browsers including mobile ones (except for Safari - I don't really care though. If you're an apple device user, I'm sorry, but I doubt that the website even shows properly on that, and I've no way to check, lol).

To turn push notifications on and off you only need to need press the button. However, if you've blocked such notifications in your browser for all websites then nothing will happen (I mean, that's exactly what you wanted). So you need to look at your address bar and click the lock icon (or whatever it is that you have there) to the left of the address and allow notifications. It should work after that.

Of course, I need people to test this. I'll wait a couple of days to let more people subscribe and then I'll send a test message. What will the message be? Subscribe and you'll find out :)

Inktober time

06 Oct 2019, 05:06 322

Oh hey it's that time again. Ink god demands sacrifices. I'm drawing but slowly and lazily, and I'm already late, and not following prompts but drawing my favourite people. But you know what, somehow this year it's more enjoyable, so I'll continue. If you follow me on social media, you'll catch updates. Also, new pics should show up on the website in the art section.

I've also decided to open quick Ko-Fi commissions which will only last until the end of Inktober! You get a drawing for 1 coffee, recorded process for 2, and I'll even send it to you over the post for 3. All info and terms here, my Ko-Fi page here.

Also, I've started streaming recently. Sometimes playing games, sometimes drawing. Follow me on Twitch or DLive. I'm trying to put some effort into my streams and even bought a good mic. I haven't decided yet which platform I'll pick as my main, both are currently equal in follower numbers. So, go make a difference! :D

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