Everything is broken

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The year has started somewhat okay, and then threw me into the eye of the storm with such ferocity, time has stopped having any meaning, and I can't believe it's already May.

I promise it was not my intention to disappear for months again, but my mum has fallen seriously sick and I had to pack up my things and move in with her, try to figure out what was wrong, and make sure she doesn't die. In the middle of February we found out she had brain tumour. A month later after the operaion we found out it was cancer. Now she's in a hospital being taken care of by the doctors. I will probably need to go back in about a month when they let her go. I'll not say anything else, but it's been a struggle.

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Inkgiving results, new updates.

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Welp, I said I wasn't going to participate and then did it anyway. Not gonna lie, switching again to digital art after Inktober was really hard, so I needed a push. I decided to draw new dreamDB pages as a reward, and mostly thanks to HueAreYou's support and a little to ink gifters the number of pages raised by the community was 8. I added two more, so that I didn't have to leave this chunk of a scene in the middle.

Here's everyone that supported me this month:

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Inktober, Patreon, forums!

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October was such a busy and productive month. I successfully finished Inktober. I restarted my Patreon. And set up the forum!


My fifth year drawing, and it was a success! I've done all 31 days. The majority of all drawings were dreamDB related, I also followed an unofficial promt. People, who joined my raffle/giveaway earlier, also all received their drawings. Here's a screenshot of all pages.

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Operation October Ink + Raffle

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October is upon us and I have decided that I will again take part in the october drawing challenge, but i will definitely run out of ideas! And this is where you can help me AND get a free ink drawing!

I also want to promote my membership options where people can get news about my art without relying on social media, so

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I restarted my Patreon! and opened Boosty! and Kofi! and

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No, that's not too many membership platforms. I wrote a post about it on Patreon, but I'll copy the main part of it here:

I don't know which one of these will take off, but they all have pros and cons.

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