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Wow, I haven't written these since I quit LiveJournal.

Let me start on a sour note. Just like this year did. Oh boy, did it start wrong. I was so depressed the first few days, it wasn't fun. And then throughout the year there were quite a few dips. But somehow I'm piloting though these high turbulence zones with less damage now, and I think that's great.

I've been looking for a job since may and still haven't gotten any, and that too sucks. I had to cut a lot of expences, including a good hosting for ddb. (Yep, this is now truly made of shit and sticks, but somehow still works.) No commissions happened this year as well. Heck.

Inktober happened and it was also a big disappointment for me this year. I almost wish I hadn't decided to go with the Discworld theme. There were a few pics I'm really proud of. But the ones that attracted more attention were either from the uber popular books, or gathered likes because, apparently, liking Death is edgy?? I know that the fandom holds That Gay Shit infinitely higher, and I've done none of it, so of course things were not that interesting. And as soon as I stopped drawing it was as if none of it happened, everyone instantly went back to ignoring the existence of my work. Honestly, I've no idea what happened, but I could've just as well never done any of it for the same amount of satisfaction which I got out of this (which is equal to fuck all).

I had to kill our Facebook page. Because Facebook is evil. Even though there was absolutely no point in maintaining it (look at previous news for details), I would've killed it anyway. In fact my personal account is scheduled for deletion tomorrow too. BYE.

And don't even talk to me about the fleas.

But you know what?

I started posting things on Tapas and Webtoons and had a lot of fun on these websites this year. Posting on there has also helped me understand how people view and read comics these days. I've also learned a lot and put effort into making my pages look better.

So, let's take a look at the stats. I posted 107 new pages this year. But if we count stories with multiple page like SBBM as one then it's 73 stories. My favourite is still the goddamn SOCK.

I've finally finished Dogtown. There is going to be another chapter but it's taking place a little bit after next events in DDB, so I'll start drawing it SOONish.

I've also started posting new pages in DDB, and.... there's so much script written this year it may take me years to draw it all? And it never stops writing itself? I am a slave of this story now. By the way, I do intend to publish DDB and nothing but DDB in 2019, so get hyped. After all, I still need to kill Homestuck.

Habits are now going back into slow mode and probably won't be updated regularly. I have a few topics which I wanted to draw, so maybe I'll do that and kind of consider this comic as finished.

In the big art department not that many things happened this year. But I've uploaded most of my work on Artstation. Deviantart is still alive too, althogh it feels lacking in features, and less and less relevant.

Some bits of design have changed on DDB, story pages are now slightly different :o) One big change is something you don't see, something I've already mentioned. I had to change hosting. Now we're live from inside of a thing configured with my own two hands. It will be free for awhile, and then I'll have to move again. Hopefully I'll find funds this year enough to pay forward.

Other good things that happened in 2018: one important heretical artifact has been acquired thanks to Steven. Jesus was found. Crowley kept on Crowleying. Discord is live. Patreon was restarted and now has some cool shit.

Well, I am incredibly hungry right now, so I have to wrap it up. I probably forgot to mention some things. Many other tiny good things happened. The year was alright.

Seems like I'm going to meet 2019 hungry, horny, sleepy, while listening to some Japanese music and updating DDB. And believe it or not, that's the best kind of state for me. I hope 2019 will be mostly like that.




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