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Let's go, first news post in months.

ONE. Habits is now being published on a Russian comics website (by me, lol). Nice to have some more audience for the comic. We'll see where this goes, it might be just like with Webtoons where people are just incapable of finding more content outside of the app 😂. Anyway, you can find the website in Links along with other places to find me.

TWO. I started coding a simple age gate to hide some content behind it. There is also a tiny age rating thing in the bottom left corner. You can read more about that here. The reason for this is simple - pretty much all content here is 16+ in the western world, but in Russia some topics by law are restricted for people under 18 😔. I've always been pretty moderate with the stuff that I draw, so don't expect any extremes even with the 18+ tag. Pages which require consent to be shown are also marked with ⚠.

THREE. MY FACE STILL HURTS. Sorry for no updates for months, I've only just started figuring out what exactly is wrong with me. I think it's the ear, but shit's complicated.

Stay safe. Wear your mask. Get the vaccine. More good things will come soon ✌

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