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What's up my nobodies, writing to you between my 1st and 2nd vaccine shots. I'm still alive!

(Btw, the 1st shot has miraculously cured my face pain for a whole week, but now it's back and I don't know why. Anyway, my fight for health continues.)

After drawing a bunch of fanart for twitch streamers, which people appreciated for 5 minutes and I got nothing out of it other than some practice, 1 whole like on Artstation and massive 27 likes on twitter, I decided to draw Fishtown - the sequel to Dogtown. I kind of knew bits and pieces of that story, but it refused to come together until very recently. However, since this is becoming a new collection of stories about the Cube, it didn't make sense to continue calling it Dogtown. So, now it's "cubeDB aka Dogtown, etc", or vice versa on Tapas. I'm making it because it has an incredible amount of silly comedy both in English and Russian, and also great tragic potential. And necromancy. Not to mention, all the fish. And you know, fish is just what I needed to take my mind off all the health issues. Also, check out this new cover.

Habits will get a few more updates about how things have changed. After all, the comic has been running since 2015 and has helped me find solutions to pretty much every problem except for irregular sleep patterns x)

I still have a Kofi goal open for a second monitor. Please, help me with that if you can. I will draw you in return whatever you want (proportionally to the amount of your donation). Speaking of Kofi, they now have memberships, and I've been thinking about setting mine up, but it will take some time because the rewards I have in mind are... something. But even now every supporter gets a special role in Discord!

But before that I need to do a bunch of invisible coding work on the website. And no, that doesn't mean I'm moving the website to wordpress, you hear that, brainworms?!

K, I got nothing else to say. Go and get your vaccine if you haven't already. Or don't, but only if the doctor said you shouldn't. Because fear is not a real contraindication.


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