I restarted my Patreon! and opened Boosty! and Kofi! and

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No, that's not too many membership platforms. I wrote a post about it on Patreon, but I'll copy the main part of it here:

I don't know which one of these will take off, but they all have pros and cons.


  • Ko-fi doesn't like anything even remotely nsfw, and will show everybody's names and emails on transactions. Also kind of clunky gallery management.
  • Patreon eats up a portion of all pledges. Price only in USD for me. No cumulative goal progress, only monthly goals. Can't offer digital items for sale.
  • Boosty only allows prices in rubles, has glitches and strange user experience sometimes. Can't post GIFs on there, which is sad. Not great for users in English-speaking countries and Europe. No API.
  • Gumroad is just really weird sometimes. (I un-deleted my own account and used the platform even though I wasn't supposed to be able to do that ).


  • Ko-fi is great for one-time donations, and great for raising money for a goal. Has webhooks, which is what I need. Recently they introduced memberships with levels and shops. It also has commission functionality! Minimal fees. I chose to keep it if anyone would like to quickly throw money my way via donation or a sub or purchase comics on there. Also it's pretty.
  • Gumroad is great as a storefront, allows to sell nsfw content. Can be used as a membership platform too. Also has API and webhooks. Secure if Paypal is not involved. I chose to keep it as a storefront where I can sell things in any language I want.
  • Boosty is great for anyone who speaks Russian, and kind of combines Ko-Fi and Patreon features, secure and allows different payment options. I chose to open it for my Russian audience.
  • Patreon... has memberships, API, webhooks, now also translated into different languages, it's secure and won't lowkey doxx you, it is well known and respected, and I realised it's the best option for anyone who doesn't 100% trust the platforms above. And I heard the fax that it collex tax is actually a good thing for people in the EU? 

And that's that.

More news soon.


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