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October was such a busy and productive month. I successfully finished Inktober. I restarted my Patreon. And set up the forum!


My fifth year drawing, and it was a success! I've done all 31 days. The majority of all drawings were dreamDB related, I also followed an unofficial promt. People, who joined my raffle/giveaway earlier, also all received their drawings. Here's a screenshot of all pages.

You can find them all in my DeviantArt Inktober folder.


I restarted my Patreon. Been thinking long and hard about it, and after testing all other platforms, I think, with all its annoyances and lmitations, Patreon is actually the best out there. I also opened a blog in a Russian Patreon clone - Boosty, but it's in Russian only, all prices are in rubles, and it allows lower tier cost than Patreon. November has already started, so whichever you choose, you will be paying for the entire month ahead.

Also, this year I will not participate in Inksgiving on Tapas (I did it anyway), if you want to support me, better join my membership thingy, because that Tapas ink will sit in my account for a looooong time as opposed to membership money.


I've learned that Discord is scary and confusing for many people. I always reaaally hated any CMS that uses MySQL because of how awful Wordpress was, and I never tried to set up a forum, but who'd've thought that we would all try to ditch social media. So, as an experiment I tried to set up a board. Please, join, we'll test it for a while, and then I'd like to embed it in the website to show the latest discussions and comments, and maybe completely ditch Discus widgets.

Also, if you want to comment on this news, do it in this thread.


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