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It's happening.

It started a year ago in May. I was so tired of all these different comment scripts and forum software which didn't fit my needs, I decided to start building my own user management and comments system. But, the year was difficult for other reasons (most of you are already aware by now), and I didn't have much time to sit down and code properly until March 2023. By that time the whole login thing was already finished, but the most important bit - comments - did not even exist. Yet.

So, I rolled up my sleeves, and in an attempt to not exist in the real world, filled my brain with code and poured it out into Notepad++. Fast forward to skip two months of trying hard to code and having no idea what I was doing, and now the thing, which I didn't think I could make, is done. And I named it Windmill. Because it works when there's wind. It's a metaphor, you know? For, uh, when there's someone posting a comment, the script will do its job? And when there isn't... Ah, never mind, there was some logic behind it. It doesn't have to be a big brain high concept product! I just like the word, okay!

Let's see what's currently finished.

  1. You can make an account and log in.
  2. You change your password.
  3. If you have left any likes anonymously and your cookies are still alive (currently, probably not, lol. But let's pretend they are), they will be converted to your personal likes after you log in, and saved permanently.
  4. There are two types of auto-generated avatars you can choose from (circular thingy similar to dreamdb map and robots).
  5. You can change your display name to something less restricted than your username (usernames can only have letters and numbers). Both will be displayed next to each other.
  6. You can leave comments as a registered user.
  7. You can get email notifications on replies to your comments. (This might become problematic in the future if there are many comments, because I use Mailgun to send emails, and there are limits). You can also unsub from all replies you have enabled under any post.
  8. You can edit and delete your comments.
  9. There are emotes! Including the ones I made for Discord, and animated twitch emotes. We can add as many as we want!
  10. You can be banned! Which doesn't delete your account btw, but it reverts likes to anon type, you can't leave comments and change your profile anymore.
  11. You can also log in from different devices, and you will see your recorded sessions in your settings. There is an option to log out other devices and delete all sessions. Gotta keep security in mind, right?

And since all of this is a work in progress, some things might change in the future. Bugs will happen, they will be found and fixed.

The things that I want to add next:

  1. Let you change username and email.
  2. Ability to upload your own custom avatar. Including GIFs. Yes. Fuck the haters. Not a single piece of comment software I tried before offered a good option for GIF avatars. I'm doing this out of spite. But I do like GIFs. Maybe we can even use WEBPs.
  3. Alternative ways to receive notifications. For example, via a discord/telegram bot. Very possibly some sort of in-browser solution with a bell and a dot, push messages, and your own notification feed.
  4. Receive notifications on comic updates and news.
  5. Make all the emotes and emoji that can be used in posts available for reactions. Just like in discord.
  6. Boosty subs will have their own special badges.
  7. Ability to keep track of your own comments.
  8. User profile pages to see more info about each other. Kind of like on forums.
  9. Linking Discord/Tumblr/etc to your profile. Possibly for integration with these websites in the future.
  10. And finally, ability to delete your account. It's ok, sometimes we all need to leave.
What do you think? In fact, you can tell me, right below 


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I am currently looking for bugs, and there are quite a few image. If something doesn't work, please, don't hesitate to @ me on discord or twitter!Β 

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