Life update

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Amazeballs, you're not gonna believe it, I've been robbed. Scammed, in fact. Lost almost all of my money. I wrote about this on my social media and in Discord, most people in the community know by now.

I'm really tired and really stressed all the time.

I... do not want to share any more details. You can join the discord and read about it in English, or check my twitter where I wrote a thread in Russian. As soon as I say anything to people, it's 50\50 either shock or I'm being told off for my stupidity. And the fact is, I have PTSD after dealing with mum's brain cancer for a year and her death. Apparently that makes me bad at dealing with irl things. But, I can't just curl up in a ball and do nothing. So I had to take a bank loan to pay contractors who are fixing my apartment because I owe them. And now I have to find a job very urgently, because I need to pay off that loan. I am about 3-4 months away from being completely broke.

If you can help me with any money, I set up a donation goal on my Boosty. It does take a % on transactions, but any money is a big help at the moment.


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