Inktober, Patreon, forums!

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October was such a busy and productive month. I successfully finished Inktober. I restarted my Patreon. And set up the forum!


My fifth year drawing, and it was a success! I've done all 31 days. The majority of all drawings were dreamDB related, I also followed an unofficial promt. People, who joined my raffle/giveaway earlier, also all received their drawings. Here's a screenshot of all pages.

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Operation October Ink + Raffle

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October is upon us and I have decided that I will again take part in the october drawing challenge, but i will definitely run out of ideas! And this is where you can help me AND get a free ink drawing!

I also want to promote my membership options where people can get news about my art without relying on social media, so

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I restarted my Patreon! and opened Boosty! and Kofi! and

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No, that's not too many membership platforms. I wrote a post about it on Patreon, but I'll copy the main part of it here:

I don't know which one of these will take off, but they all have pros and cons.

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Insert title here

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What's up my nobodies, writing to you between my 1st and 2nd vaccine shots. I'm still alive!

(Btw, the 1st shot has miraculously cured my face pain for a whole week, but now it's back and I don't know why. Anyway, my fight for health continues.)

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Hello πŸ‘β—‘πŸ‘

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Let's go, first news post in months.

ONE. Habits is now being published on a Russian comics website (by me, lol). Nice to have some more audience for the comic. We'll see where this goes, it might be just like with Webtoons where people are just incapable of finding more content outside of the app 😂. Anyway, you can find the website in Links along with other places to find me.

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