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All aboard Discord and other news

29 Oct 2018, 18:43 429

We have our own Discord server now. And by "we" I mean me, you and everyone who folows my dumb ass for comics, art and other stuff. JOIN.

I'm new to Discord, but I looked at how other servers function and set up a few things, so we should be good to start. So, let me explain what in my opinion is so great about it in relation to dreamDB:

  1. I'll be sending all new pages and art updates right there, so it's a great chance to bring you the news about what's happening and present it in orderly fashion. I have separate channels for art, news and new pages. Basically, it's like the front page of dreamdb, except now you can also get alerts when anything changes.

  2. I've been looking for a commenting system or a forum for a long time, and I might still install something on the website, but Discord server is just a lot quicker, takes no effort to set up and is easy to join and start chatting. So I thought, fuck it, who cares about comment count beside every post. Just come in and yell at me and others about new comics.

  3. There was a voting widget on every latest page recently. I've removed it because it was very limited in options and wouldn't let me set it up the way I wanted, so I had to hack into it a bit, but it still sucked.

    On Discord.... you can just slap any emoji or emoticon on a message about an update. Heck, you can react multiple times with different emotes. That's way better than being heavily restricted by some asshole developer who made extra reactions paid. (I mean, technically they're also paid on Discord if you want to bring in emotes from a different server, but you're free to use ALL emoji).

    The only downside is that you have to open Discord and THEN click a reaction. The upside is that Discord is awesome and you can also yell at me and others about new comics.

Of course, in time we can figure out new ways and reasons to use it. But for now the fact that it works as a news feed + discussion platform + reacting widget and IS FREE outweighs everything for me.

The only fucking downside for me is that I can't install it on my phone, because it's an old derpy windows phone :0 gib me money so I could buy a new one (ยดะ”๏ฝ€ใ€‚) Although, Discord can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, so there's a way to use it for everyone.




Other news

I killed the Telegram channel and my Patreon page because both were absolutely unusable and unnecessary. ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

I also stopped drawing Inktober pics, might still catch up but with something different and smaller than Discworld. I had an idea to draw main character entrances in every book but... multiple things majorly pissed me off and I have just deleted five paragraphs of angry text from this post. I suppose what angers me the most is that I cared about it a lot and got nothing out of posting these drawings. Not even new followers or something. 


18 Sep 2018, 21:51 747

Anyway, as I promised, I ran the first part through Deep Dream generator and I wish I could unsee some of it. I guess, Halloween came early this year.

You can grab it at Gumroad ->  CURSED DOGTOWN.
It's free, unless you want to generously tip me as a thank you for suffering through the process of making this abomination.

Something dead, something reanimated, something newish, something green.

24 Jul 2018, 00:10 421


It is official. DreamDB's Facebook page is a zombie now. I announced its death and pinned this to the top of the page:

Honestly, let it rot. Just look at the stats. The page has nearly 2800 likes. Okay, not all of these people will actually see what I post. But this is the real number of people who see my posts across a few months:

This is pointless. POINTLESS.


Finally I found time to restore old pages from DDB, which were made years ago, depended on a really outdated piece of code. I thought the would be a pain in the ass to remake, but all of a sudden last years of coding socks and whatnot flexed their skills, shoved my fears aside and I reanimated everything in two days. And, I mean, literally reanimated. Took old assets, ported them into other software, recreated frames, rewrote code. They're all fresh and new. For now.

Something newish

Evil spirits of coding have possessed me again, we spent a few days hanging out and conjured a beast. That is the STICKER PICKER. Das right. Everything is explained on that page. Basically, I didn't expect that people would want to pick different stickers from different themes and offering only pre-made sheets was clearly limiting as fuck to you folks. So I decided to give you an opportunity to combine a sheet from whichever ones you want. You can also buy pre-combined sheets and individual stickers from that page.

Something green

I've decided to stretch my grabby arms and occupy some space on Webtoons. I hate that it allows only jpegs, and only 800 px wide. But I love how even those few pages I uploaded immeadiately got some attention. That's awesome! I started with adapting Habits, but I guess all of my stuff will be found here.

The Moon and the Eyes.

13 Feb 2018, 00:47 618

The Eyes

A couple of weeks ago an update with the eyes has been rolled out. Because I am largely disinterested in writing news properly, it was announced with a picture:


Always wanted to have more eyes. #art #update

A post shared by AJ (@ajcrwl) on

The eyes represent 1 (one) eye of every viewer cloned into the database at the moment of eye contact with any particular entry from the books or this diary.

The Moon

After the last full moon, the scent of nostalgia in the air was too thick. Something had to be done about the moon. It was a fine addition to the house and, I think, Travis was the only one who had any idea why we needed it back then, so he repaired it and put it back in place.

When the house blew up, everything was broken, the Moon shattered and became nonfunctional. This was the reason why everyone had to rely on the text based interface for awhile. Shoot me in the leg, but I have a feeling I wrote this once before.

Seeing is better than reading when you have to discern between completely different story pages which have ridiculously similar names:

*cough* jpeg *cough*

Anyway, since the Moon had always been a transceiver, it can pull latest pages from the log just fine, and in addition provides quick access to the library, and the Green. It's attached to the outside of the house, where you can see it in the open. It's accessible from within as well.

๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„ An Invitation

25 Dec 2017, 18:13 665

Merry belated Christmas, Happy New Year and happy holidays, everyone!

I spent quite awhile decorating things here on the website. Stayed up for nearly one and a half astronomical days from 24th to 25th. Honestly, I've no idea how I'm still awake. My computer's power adapter even died for these decorations (no kidding, I've just returned from the store with the new one).

So, I would be glad if you could come back a few times to lay your eyes upon our time-of-day-dependent winter aesthetics. Maybe you don't have enough snow? We have snow and nice winter here. Not enough holiday warmth? Come back during the night. Although, I must admit, "night" probably means "night in Omsk time zone". I have no idea how that relates to your time zones.

Also, here's the image which you can see on all social mirrors of dreamDB.

Now, who knows how long this festive spirit will stay here.. I know. Until the snow melts. As usual. Maybe a little before the time when people start taking down the last of their home decorations and throwing their festive trees out ;D

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