Not The Year Review

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(see bigger version on DeviantArt and full res on Patreon)

Hey, fellow nobodies, how are your holidays going?

I decided to make a news update while I'm sitting here waiting for SuperPatronFyea winner announcement, prepared to cheer for whoever wins (pfft, me? a nobody? winning a grant? and not having to work my ass off to make art for free? wild if true.)
upd: I didn't win the grant. WELP. TOLD YA. Guess here starts my carreer as a part time twitch streamer, part time pizza delivery person. lol.

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November stuff

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Sup. This month is over and here's what happened:

Aside from being sick for a ridiculous number of days, I've had two big things to prepare: Tapas Inksgiving Special and Super Patron F Yea application.

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You can finally hit that bell button on dreamdb dot com

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Now there's a notifications subscription button in the website menu. You can find the same button under every comic page. It's just a pop-up thingy where I moved all the buttons for Discord, Ko-Fi, etc etc. All sources listed there are completely free and I'm clarifying that because "subscription" can mean something paid.

Also in another coding rush I connected browser push notifications - see the first button in that list. They should work in all browsers including mobile ones (except for Safari - I don't really care though. If you're an apple device user, I'm sorry, but I doubt that the website even shows properly on that, and I've no way to check, lol).

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Inktober time

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Oh hey it's that time again. Ink god demands sacrifices. I'm drawing but slowly and lazily, and I'm already late, and not following prompts but drawing my favourite people. But you know what, somehow this year it's more enjoyable, so I'll continue. If you follow me on social media, you'll catch updates. Also, new pics should show up on the website in the art section.

I've also decided to open quick Ko-Fi commissions which will only last until the end of Inktober! You get a drawing for 1 coffee, recorded process for 2, and I'll even send it to you over the post for 3.

Also, I've started streaming recently. Sometimes playing games, sometimes drawing. Follow me on Twitch. I'm trying to put some effort into my streams and even bought a good mic. I haven't decided yet which platform I'll pick as my main, both are currently equal in follower numbers. So, go make a difference! :D

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Wow, I haven't written these since I quit LiveJournal.

Let me start on a sour note. Just like this year did. Oh boy, did it start wrong. I was so depressed the first few days, it wasn't fun. And then throughout the year there were quite a few dips. But somehow I'm piloting though these high turbulence zones with less damage now, and I think that's great.

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