Belated June news

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My laptop broke in June. Old Windows 7 erased at least a half of its files and is beyond recovery now. It took me almost three weeks to restore my personal files and set up the new system. I couldn't draw or do anything all this time. In addition to everything I hurt my arm and couldn't use it much, so sitting at the desk and working was not an option. Sigh.. This year just can't stop being absolutely shit, eh?

My new set up seems to be working fine now, so does my arm. So when I got a chance to use my laptop again I decided to do a few necessary changes in other areas.

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March. Fecking March.

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March has turned out to be pretty stressful. "Self-isolate and finish that dream project!" everyone yelled. Instead, I haven't done anything and my back hurts from too much stress. Things are scary everywhere, but I'm more or less safe where I am, and I hope you all are staying safe too. 

But what I want to talk about is.. Patreon. Some things have been happening over the past half a year with Patreon, and I realised that I'm not very happy with them and their actions as a company. We'll see how this goes, but I won't be posting anything Patreon-exclusive in the foreseeable future. There are a few reasons for that.

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June-July 2018 chapter of DDB is ending soon.

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Let's do a Q&A! 

You can join Discord and ask questions there, or ask them here in the comments. Ask about past/present events, ask the characters directly, or ask the author about them.

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Not The Year Review

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(see bigger version on DeviantArt and full res on Patreon)

Hey, fellow nobodies, how are your holidays going?

I decided to make a news update while I'm sitting here waiting for SuperPatronFyea winner announcement, prepared to cheer for whoever wins (pfft, me? a nobody? winning a grant? and not having to work my ass off to make art for free? wild if true.)
upd: I didn't win the grant. WELP. TOLD YA. Guess here starts my carreer as a part time twitch streamer, part time pizza delivery person. lol.

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November stuff

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Sup. This month is over and here's what happened:

Aside from being sick for a ridiculous number of days, I've had two big things to prepare: Tapas Inksgiving Special and Super Patron F Yea application.

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