あ。。 Do you see the stars?

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Story texts redesigned

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Long story short: old plain text in the stories is gone. Not completely, but those chunks of it which indicated someone speaking are completely redone.
Magical before and after screenshots:

See? SEE? Much better. For now these changes concern only ddb and Dogtown, as these are the only stories that have people talking in them below the image.

If you want to see the full-sized portraits, you can find them here.

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Tiny (not really) Doctor Who intrusion

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Hmm, I've really thought this over. Spent whole 5 minutes thinking about it. No, really, why not. This place is built for reading purposes and to be easier on the eyes than Tumblr or whatever. Sometimes I spend the whole eternity cutting images for Tumblr. Besides.. Ahh, enough with the excuses. It's my work, I can place it here :P

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Sleeping Habits is actually about sleep problems. Not, like, about how to sleep healthily. It will be an ongoing thing as long as I have something to say about that. Oh boy, I have lots of something to say about that :-|

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Ok, like it's a big deal. Every website has comments. But it actually is! Comments on here are powered by FrankenDisqus... Which is, the usual Disqus mended together with VK with some black magic. Don't ask. It just works.Not perfectly but it does and I don't want to poke at it any more and seek how to "improve" it.

So, all this means, you can now leave comments on graphic and news pages. And if you have a VK.com account but don't have a Disqus/FB/Twitter/G+ you can login via VK.

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