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The content on this website is not made for children under the age of 13. The majority of webcomics with some exceptions (see third paragraph) are appropriate for audiences of 16 years of age and older.

All situations in the webcomics are a product of author's imagination, whether they are or aren't inspired by real-life events or refer to such.
Some webcomics may be dealing with topics of trauma, contain swearing.
No content includes graphic gore, children as main or secondary characters, sexual content, illegal drugs.

In accordance with the law of Russian Federation, content on any pages that feature LGBT+ themes will be hidden behind the age gate. You need to be 18+ (or a citizen of a country where no such restriction exists) to view it. Cookies must be enabled to save your settings. I do this not because it's "ew gay content", but because as long as the law exists I'd rather comply. However, this website does not do "non-traditional values" propaganda, any tangential relation to LGBT topics and mention of such does not equal propaganda of any values.

Age gate is currently in development. In the future it may be used as a way to hide other types of content and require consent to view them.

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