Here be a gigantic heap of original stickers, all available through Gumroad. You can click Gumroad links on this page and add stuff to a sort of buying cart, or if all of these open in a new tab just use this page as a guide and buy them all from my profile.

Pick individual stickers from a theme:

These are bundled into themes and each printed on A6 or A7 paper. A7 costs $1, A6 is $1.5. Here's a little cheat sheet to help you understand sizes and how they relate to each other: 

And here they are in bundles:

That's too complicated!/ I just want a sheet like in those pictures!

Just click this one below and pick whichever sheet you want (use gallery navigation to see product previews):

But can I pick stickers from different packs?

YES! Here's a super awesome thing which I've built for you people. It's a STICKER PICKER.

You can pick ANY sticker from ANY theme below. There are more than 50 :-0

It'll let you pick 6 pictures, then you click the "I want these!" button, it'll give you a code. This code will tell me which stickers you want printed per ONE page of A5 size. You can generate as many different codes as you want for multiple pages. If you're buying multiple sheets, please, make sure you also set quantity at Gumroad to how many sheets you want.

Note that you can paste your codes only at the end when you're making an order, you can't "add them to cart" one by one. That's not my design, that's Gumroad's limitation, sadly.


Make your order!


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