AJHello, I am AJ. Welcome to dreamdb.com - the home of my animated webcomic. Let me tell you about it.
AJI started dreamDB as a comic in 2014. Unfortunately back then the idea was too big for me to bite, so I stopped only 20 pages in. I moved onto drawing simpler comics and tried to improve my skills and the website.
AJBut the story kept on going, and in 2018 I decided to return to working on dreamDB no matter what. Restarting was hard. Smaller pauses happened, and I scolded myself for not doing more. It's been quite a bumpy road. You can check the timeline in the Log. But I'm proud to say that in 2019 I've been working consistently on both drawing and writing, however...
AJThe visual part of the story is animated, and its production is very time consuming. The amount of pages I've made so far is something like this:
AJBut the amount of story written and waiting to be illustrated is...
AJAs of today, it's about the size of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and doesn't stop growing.
AJIt's fantasy + science fiction. Even in the chunk I've already published we've been to Hell, talked about clones, time travel, dreams, ditched the 4th wall...
Bellait's a hideo kojima of webcomics.
AJwhat? No, Kojima is a person.. not a.. thing....
AJaGGH, Bells, what was I supposed to say next?!
Bellafine, let me continue.
AJplease, we only have 3 minutes.
BellaWHAT?! Okay, here we go.
BellaI can tell you what the story is going to become from the writer's perspective: it's about a bunch of lgbtqa+ people adventuring, and it's about their relationships too. It's not a fairy tale, but the people involved try to do what's right, find happiness and get their shit together. The story is a journal of certain important IRL events too. It also tries to capture the intangible things such as dreams and memories, hence the name.
BellaThis story is the only job I currently have, but I wish I could give it my best instead of constantly worrying about needing to find money and "The Real Job". Currently I need funds for a new computer (old one is dying), webhosting fees, promotion, new merch, and also personal needs such as food, bills, and health.
BellaOkay, that's it. And by "I" I meant you, of course, it's your text.
AJthank you. amazing. I should've just read it.
Bellayou shouldn't have hideo kojima'd your intro. Condense the text.
AJyeah, you're right...
AJAnyway... I thought it's worth to put the faith in my skills and all the work I've already done, and see how this application works out. And if not - off I go to find a job :/
Bellagood. And if anything, you've just created over a dozen new pages for the comic.
AJthis comic about a webcomic is itself an example and a part of dreamDB now. I hope you enjoyed it. And thank you for your time!
AJbottom text
Bellayou just HAD to end it with a meme!
20 Nov 2019, 21:13 221

Fun facts, for no reason (not part of this application):

1. I've been working on this application for 6 days, a little over 24 hours in total: and that includes writing, animation and coding. I made it exactly the same way I make the comic.

10. The whole thing can be read in 2 minutes 40 seconds if you look at each animation only a couple of times.

11. dreamDB has a mirror on Tapas where it's a bit easier to see the number of readers.

101. The list numbers are not weird, they're in binary. Yikes. Enby rights!

5. I started drawing this while absolutely healthy, and finished while horribly sick. Fun lists are always a sign of a delirious mind.

6. In case you're not from the Super Patron F Yeah team and still somehow reading this - go support me on Patreon, you beautiful creature.

7. Yes, this will become a part of the main comic in the future. You'll have to wait and see how.

Sincerely yours, a very serious creator person (◕‿◕✿)

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