Here are some good ways to support this project and my ass financially:

Click pictures and links to go offsite.

I recently restarted my page and now I'm posting some behind-the-scenes thoughts and info on how I make animation and other art. I started posting scripts for patrons only, so you can read ahead even before I made pictures for a scene. This is a good way to support me, it starts at only $1 and you get notified about new updates via email.

You can tip me with Ink on Tapas.

I have a couple of shops set up where you can buy many different things. It's mostly fan merch though, but there are a few dreamDB related things too. People who have bought my merch so far has greatly helped me pay for hosting.

If you'd prefer a one-time donation, you can tip $3 and up on Ko-fi and any amount via Streamlabs. I'm not streaming right now, but this will go directly to my PayPal.

I've also started a fundraiser for my medical needs, so if you want to contribute to that being successfully funded here's the link.


If you can't send any money, here's a way to support me for free:

Subscribe to any of my stories on Tapas. After a certain number of subscribers I will be able to unlock ads beside my comics.


Whitelist dreamdb.com in your adblocker, if you have one installed, and click on ads under comics! I'll earn a few sweet cents from that.




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